Our mission is to provide personalized, professional structural engineering services to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our goal is to design the structural elements of a building in creative and exciting ways which match the imagination of owners and their architects. Whether through the use of new building materials, new methods of project delivery, or finding creative solutions to old problems, Preston Engineering is committed to creating value through innovation.

We believe that a top-performing design team can bring tremendous value to a construction project, and therefore we partner with firms who share our vision. Through close collaboration and coordination with architects, owners, consultants, and contractors, we are able to head problems off before they arise. These partnerships lead to time and cost savings in the design and construction phases of a project.

While construction projects are initiated with ideas and visions which know no bounds, construction budgets rarely share the same luxury. Preston Engineering's expertise will help our clients select economical building designs that help make those initial visions a reality.

Though traditional development has taken a toll on our fragile ecosystem, new construction projects can be designed to minimize environmental impacts. By choosing the right building materials and designs, we can create environmentally friendly spaces for our clients to work, live and play in.