Rose Street Building

This 22,000 square foot, three-story masonry and timber-frame structure in Danbury, Connecticut is being converted from retail to space to mixed-use, with future occupancy including educational, institutional and mercantile. In an initial conditions survey, Preston Engineering found 95% of the 150 year-old structure to be in adequate condition or better. A small portion of the first floor framing was in need of replacement due to rot and mold, and select members throughout the building which displayed unacceptable warping, shakes and splits were recommended to be reinforced.

Due to rearrangement of the tenants' spaces, Mr. Preston designed framing to header off new openings for stairways, mechanical ductwork and an elevator shaft, as well as infill framing for the existing openings. Additionally, lintels were designed for new openings in the existing interior masonry bearing walls, as well as for new punched openings for exterior windows.

The existing timber and masonry structure was analyzed for the new anticipated loading. While the changes in occupancy necessitated higher live load conditions in some portions of the building, the changes were below the threshold for the structure to be reinforced for higher seismic and wind loading as prescribed in the 2003 International Existing Building Code.

Ryan Preston is managing this project with construction scheduled to begin in Fall 2007. 

Architect: 72 Architects 

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