St. Mary's Parish School

The St. Mary's Parish School in Ridgefield, CT was in need of a new gymnasium, locker rooms, administrative offices, and a kitchen.  The 16,000 sq. ft addition opened in 2004.  The structure was designed to be exposed to view on the inside; round and square steel tube beams and columns were designed to provide both a pleasing form and structural function.  The acoustic block used to dampen the sound transmission double as masonry shear walls to resist seismic and wind loads on the structure.  Exterior brick and block piers further stabilize the structure.

To achieve a minimally-thick, wing-like roof structure, the roof transitions from long span steel joists in the middle to a system of double-cantilevered steel tube frames at the edges and corners.  The roof structure and glazing system allow users of the gymnasium to experience a light, airy feel, without being distracted by direct sunlight. Additionally, the foundation system was designed to withstand upheaval from unusually high hydrostatic pressure arising from the site's high water table.

Ryan Preston was the project manager for the design of the gymnasium wing addition while with the DiSalvo Ericson Group. 

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